Once upon a time
and not so long ago
a developer named Murray
had a little bit of dough

So he contracted for some land
in a town without a code
so any building he could build
any place could run a road

He called up big box stores
said "hey guys I got some land
all I need is a quick lease
could you give my deal a hand"

They said "Hey we’re your team
your lease we’ll even use
cause no big box wants a landlord
to sing the Landlord blues

"Exclusives we won’t need
why should we make a fuss
none of our competitors
come close to hurting us"

Murray said "why thanks
because you’re all so kind
I’ll give you two more options
of which I will remind"

Big box said to Murray
Murray you’re so great
that your admin fee of seven
to that we’ll now add eight"

Murray said "how fair
your deal is heaven sent
to show that I’m no slouch
you may assign without consent"

Oh the love and oh the joy
oh how it filled the air
a tenant and a landlord
how each they did so care

Some waste is at the site
how much would Murray pay?
Environmental folks all said
we’ll look the other way

So water’s got some spills
drink elsewhere if you thirst
After all, as we all know,
development comes first

A lender called up Murray
asked how much could it lend
The amount it did not matter
for it always would extend

And interest, that’s not needed
we know you have to live
And if you cannot pay us
we always will forgive

In two weeks came a closing
of lease and also land
this deal t’was sent from heaven
so wondrous and so grand

Murray he was joyous
So full was Murray’s cup
the alarm clock went off loudly
and poor Murray, he woke up

He shook and then he trembled
began to yell and scream
this deal so fair and speedy
was only Murray’s dream

Then cried poor sobbing Murray
so sad and oh so blue
had we love and understanding
this dream it would come true