Since first issuing declarations of emergency in early March, the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been coordinating their COVID-19 response measures fairly closely, in recognition of the physical proximity and economic dependency of their States.

Each State is among each other’s top trade partners, and hundreds of thousands of people cross

In addition to undertaking on-site mitigation efforts, the coronavirus pandemic presents questions and issues to overcome from a project management perspective. Management staff must remain focused on communicating with their teams, up and down the chain of contracts, and, of course, keep the flow of money going.

Even for projects which continue, ensuring that site

In March of this year, New York State issued restrictions on the operation of all businesses, providing some exceptions for businesses viewed as “essential.”  Construction services were included as “essential.”  Later in the month, seemingly in response to public outcry, the State narrowed the scope of permitted construction services.  See our earlier blog here.