The New Jersey Supreme Court has unanimously held that the administrative process run by COAH in which municipalities show compliance with affordable housing obligations is no longer working and municipalities are no longer protected from builder’s remedy lawsuits in which a developer sues to build housing at a greater density than permitted by ordinance. The

For many, Spring is the time to break out the golf clubs and enjoy a day in the sun, but for those in New Jersey holding a liquor license it is the dreaded liquor license (the “License”) renewal season. All Licenses must be renewed annually whether they are actively used or pocketed. A License term

Many property owners lose their right to challenge their real property tax assessment by ignoring the annual request by their local Tax Assessor to complete an Income and Expense Statement.  This request is authorized by N.J.S.A. 54:4-34 and is known as a Chapter 91 filing.  If you are served with a Chapter 91 request you

On February 9, 2010, Governor Christie signed an Executive Order immediately suspending the operation of the Council on Affordable Housing (“COAH”) and appointing a panel to study the issue of affordable housing and make recommendations to the Governor within 90 days. This comes at the heels of the Introduction of Legislation S:1 by State Senators Lesniak