Property owners should be receiving their annual property tax assessment notices (post cards) from the municipal assessor’s office at this time. Receipt of this assessment notice indicates that it is time to determine whether a tax appeal is warranted for the 2015 tax year.  Despite what can best be described as uneven improvement in the

The New Jersey Tax Court recently ruled in Methode Electronics, Inc. v. Twp. Of Willingboro, Docket Nos. 019012-2010 and 014098-2011 (Tax January 22, 2015) that the assessment on contaminated property located in Willingboro, New Jersey must be reduced to a mere nominal amount due to its undevelopable condition.  In Methode, the property owner

In a newly decided New Jersey Appellate Division case, Pansini Custom Design Associates LLC v. City of Ocean City, the court, made clear that application of the simpleton approach of merely averaging comparables or the results of competing appraisal reports, will not do. In Pansini, the court found that such an approach to valuation represents